Primary Authorized Signatory in GST?

GST is collected on value-added goods and services at each stage of sale or purchase in the supply chain. GST is paid on the procurement of goods and services can set off against that payable on the supply of goods and services.The manufacturer or wholesaler or retailer will pay the applicable GST rate but will claim back through tax credit mechanism.

GST Declaration for Authorised Signatory document has signed by the promoters of a business. Authorizing and nominating for one person from the business as an Authorised Signatory to apply for GST registration and complete all related formalities.

Who can be the primary Authorized Signatory in GST?

A primary Authorized Signatory is the person who is primarily responsible for performing an action at the GST Common Portal on behalf of the taxpayer. All communication from the GST Common Portal relating to the taxpayer will send to the primary Authorized Signatory.

Type of Business Authorized Signatory


Proprietor Any person authorized by the proprietor
Partnership Any person authorized by the partners
Company, Society, LLPor Trust The person authorized by Board or Governing Body can act as Primary Authorized Signator



It is the single Authorized Signatory for a business entity will assume to the primary. This format of declaration must be used by all types of applicants like Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, LLP, Company, Trust, Society and much more through this document along with businesses.

It is containing for multiple Managing Directors or Partners or Officers, declare one person as an authorised signatory and agree that all actions of the authorised signatory would binding on the business. In the case of proprietorship firms or small businesses and the Proprietor or Sole Promoter can nominate himself as authorized signatory as well.

However, the company, partnership firm, LLP and more a promoter of the business or officer or any other person in the business can nominate as an authorized signatory.

There are several Authorized Signatories for the single business entity of one Signatory need to designate as primary. The e-mail address and mobile number of the Authorized Signatory need to provide during enrolment.