What is DIN, HSN and SAC? in GST Registration

HSN abbrivated as Harmonized System of Nomencalture is a internationally product coding system, which is used to maintain iniformity in classification of goods

SAC stands for Service Accounting Codes are adopted by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) for classification of service.

DIN: DIN stands for Directory identification Number given to Directors of a company by Ministry of corporate Affairs. Check More updates GST Registration Process Using ‘GST Enrollment App’

To know your DIN you need to consign DIN allotment letter issued by Ministry of Corporates Affairs .Click More Information  Declaration of Authorized Signatory Format

If I Forgot GST Registration Provisional Id Password? What can I Do?

If you forgot your GST Registration Provisional Id Password? then follow the below steps

Click on Forgot Password link to generate an OTP which is sent to yopur email – id or mobile number, this OTP will help you to reset the password. The OTP is valid for 10 minutes, after 10 mints it will get expires .Check More information Which Username Should be Used in First Login?GST

Note: Presently,  the Security Questions and Answers page is removed and it advise to keep note of your security Q&A after changing it on GST common portal .Click More Information  GST Registration Process Using ‘GST Enrollment App’

I have not received my provision ID and Password For Enrolment with GST

If you have not received Provisional ID and Password

in GST registration then follow the below steps:

What All Statues will be Displayed at the Time of GST Registration

The following status will be displayed at the time of GST Registration

Provisional: it specify that Provisional ID is provided but application of the existing taxpayer is need to be filed after attaching digital signatures

Validations against Error: PAN details entered doesn’t match CBDT database. So, kindly fill the details as per the PAN

Pending for verification: it specifyies validation by the system with external agencies is on processing and the status will updated once verification is completed

Cancelled: exsiting Registration is cancelled , it means provisional Id placed cancelled

Migrated: application is migrated successfully under GST, teher is no possibility for changes in application.Check Also GST Registration – Online Process

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