GST Registration – Taxpayers Problems & Solutions

GST Registration – Taxpayers Problems & Solutions

The goods and services tax network is the new institute created specifically to act as the central technology platform that the implement the GST. All existing central excise, service tax assesses and VAT dealers have to migrate to GST. To migrate the GST, assesses will provide the provision ID and password by the central and state commercial tax departments

Pending for verification

When you get the message ‘Pending for Verification’ can check if you have provided the correct OPT also your Aadhaar is linked to the mobile number.

Taxpayer is not able

It should answer the security questions on GST portal under forgot password option to retrieve the password.

Personal ID Invalid

Try to deleting the browsing history and signing on the GST portal. You will receive the 10 digits access token along with the provisional Id. If your access token is less than 10 digits insert a zero, in the beginning, to make the 10 digits access token like 0007654356.

GST portal after creating User ID

The new mechanism has to ensure that the password goes to a genuine taxpayer not an imposer. The taxpayers have called up the Help-desk and got Tickets issued will contact by Help desk.

OTP not received

Once you can register the GST and need the OTP sent to your e-mail id and mobile. If you have not received the OTP do the following instructions

  • Click on resend OTP button
  • Check if you have Do Not Disturb services will activate with your service provider. Please deactivate this and try again to receive the OTP on your phone.
  • You can check the spam folder to the mail

PAN Details Incorrect

You will get the validation error, if you enter incorrect PAN Card details. Enter the correct PAN Card information of the directors is very important. This is specifically applicable to the full name of the directors being entered on the GST portal. When you enter the First, Middle and Last Name is necessary to update the same specified in the PAN database with the income tax authorities.

Range Code Error

Select the correct range code at the time of filling in the GST Form-20 on the GST Common Portal. It may happen that are required to the range code is not appearing in the drop down. Try refreshing the page and check again to see the required range code is appearing.

DSC not registered

You get this error message for few things need to do

  • Register DSC on GST Portal
  • It does not work try to uninstalling the DSC utility and reinstalling the same process

To make sure the updates and version of java using the same requirement.