GST Registration Process Using ‘GST Enrollment App’

Recently GSTN launched GST Enrolment Android App where you can enroll your GST. Download GST Registration Android App from play store. This article will provide step by step guide for GST Enrolment by using GST enrolment Android App

Steps to use GST Enrolment Android App

  1. Landing page:

Click on GST Enrollment App, it will display Good and services Tax Landing page.

Now, check on I Agree and click Save and Continue Button

  1. Home Page:

Coming to the Home Page , GST Enrolment consists Multiple tabs like

  • Business Details
  • Promoters / Partners
  • Authorized Signatory
  • Principal Place of Business
  • Additional Place of Business
  • Good and Service
  • Bank Account
  • Verification

Presently only Business Details tab will permuted and all other tabs will be in disabled sate . once after successful saving the “Business Details” Tab , then all other tabs will be in active state.

Let us know about each Tab in details:

Business Details Tab:

In Business Details tab you can find following fields list:

A) Details of Your Business:

  • Provisional ID*
  • Trade Name
  • State*
  • Constitution of Business*
  • Proof of Constitution of Business*
  • Image* (here you can Take Photo or Select Photo), if you have PDF (then ,Select PDF)
  • Ward/Circle/Sector – This field will list the data based on their state and user has to select their respective Ward / Circle / Sector(These fields will dynamically change as per the State ladder)
    • Note: Refer this link for Centre Jurisdiction (click on this URL, it will redirect you to
  • Commiserate
  • Division
  • Range
  • Reason of Liability to obtain registration
  • Registration under earlier law (This is a static label)
  • Select Existing Registrations*

B) Registration details:

Here, indicate existing registration on Central Excise/ Service Tax/ VAT/ Tax/ Entertainment Tax/ Luxury. Etc., as per applicable

  • Registration Number*
  • Date of Registration*
  • Registration Type*

Promoter / Partners Tab:

You can view 4 options on Promoters / Partners Tab as given below

  • Promoter List: In this page it will displays all the list of promoters added by the user
  • New Promoter: Here, you can add New Prompters by clicking on “New Promoter” option
  • Back Button
  • Save & continue

Enter all the details of promoter like name of Father / Husband, promoters  Person details, Residential Address in India and Identity Information and Then, upload all necessary documents

Now, click on Save & Continue button which will redirect to next Tab.

Authorized Signatory Tab:

In Authorized Signatory tab you can view following 4 options as

  • Authorized Signatory List – in this page you will fiind all the promoters marked as “Authorized Signatory”
  • New Authorized Signatory – here you can add new promoters on clicking New Authorized Signatory
  • Back Button
  • Save and Continue

If you are adding “New Authorized Signatory”.  then, Fill all the details accurately and click on Save & Continue button which navigate to next Tab.

Principal Place of Business Tab:

  • Principal Place of Business Tab will displays the following fields:
  • Address
  • Nature of Possession of Premises*
  • Contact information
  • Toggle ON / OF: if you choose Toggle ON it will displays the Additional Business Places Tab
  • Nature of business* (you can select more than one)
  • Note: if you are selecting more than one, then you have to fill details in the given field
  • Document Upload*

Additional Business Places Tab:

In this Tab you can see 4 options

  • Additional Place List/Places of Business
  • Places of Business
  • Back Button
  • Save & Continue

Goods and Services Tab:

This Tab consists following 4 options such as:

  • Goods – list of Goods
  • Services – list of services
  • Back Button
  • Save a& Continue
    • You can search list of Goods / Services through search icon.
    • You can search either by entering HSN code or Description of the Goods
    • As you search , it will displays the all existing data on Goods / Services
    • Then, you will get pop up as “ Are you sure want to add?” click on it
    • You will get a alert msg “ Added Successfully”
    • Click on “ok” button and all your selected Goods will be displayed on the list of Goods page
    • it will also displays Delete icon, where you can delete added Goods
    • Finally , click on Save & continue Button

Bank Account Tab:

On Bank Account Tab, you can view 4 options as follows, fill on the details in the page accurately

  • Bank Account List
  • New Bank Account
  • Back Button
  • Save & Continue

Verification Tab:

  • Here, you have to certify and confirm the declaration by clicking check box in Verification as follows
  • Verify Authorised Signatory as you entered from the drop down list
  • And you can select any one from the list of Authorized Signatory as the “Designation and Date” will be popes out automatically as selected
  • If you , click on edit icon, it will be navigated to the “Business Details” for any edition or update
  • Enter the details of place field and click on save & continue
  • Verify weather the Network toggle is online or offline
  • It will display pop up message as” From there on words, you have to be online to continue further” with YES or NO options
  • If you click on “YES” then application creates the JSON file internally in device memory and it will displays another New Screen
  • In New Screen you can browse internally created “JSON File” – For Example: “PROVISIONAL ID.Json
  1. Redirect to Login Page for Submission of Application Form data

Finally Registration process will be completed and , it will be redirected to the GST Login Page for Submission of Application Form Data – as

  • You have to input Provisional ID and Password (this ID and Password will be provided by the tax department)
  • After successful login, enter mobile number / email id
  • Now you will get OTP on given mobile no / email id, there will be 2 separate OTP’s
  • Here you will be asked to create a user Id and Password
  • Now, you will be provoked with 5 secrete questions, which should be remembered in case of retrieving your password / user id
  • Noe, you will be redirected to login page , where you have to login with newly created login details.
  • After login, it will displays upload application form data.
  • Click on browse button and select JSON file fron default location
  • Once after application Form uploaded successfully, you will get “Successful” message and you will receive SMS or Email in 15 mints.

Here ends the Enrolment process of GST using Android App, hope this article will help you. Please share your suggestions or quires with us.