It is Compulsory to Enrol or Register for GST?

All existing taxpayers registers on any Act will be transitioned to GST. The enrolment for GST will ensure clear transition to the GST regime. The data present in different tax authorities is incomplete and therefore fresh enrolment has planned. Click here to GST Tax Payment Forms Details

And also it will updates latest data taxpayers which is available in GST database without any recourse to amendment process. Check More Information GST Registration – Taxpayers Problems & Solutions

What Documents Should be Upload as proof for Principal Place of Business?

You can upload one of these documents as below

  • Minicipal Khata copy, size of 100 KB
  • Electricity Bill, size of 100 KB
  • Rent/ lease Agreement, size of 200 KB
  • Tax Paid Receipt, size of 100 KB
  • Any government certificate / document issued by Government, size of 100 KB
  • Consent Letter, size of 100 KB
  • Any certificate or record from Govt, size of 100 KB
  • Bank statement, size of 500 KB

All the documents should be in JPG, PDF format. Click here to What Documents Should be Upload As Proof For Bank Account? GST

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How Many Tabs Should be Filled in GST Enrolment Mobile App?

You have to fill total 8 tabs in Mobile App and they are

  • Business Details
  • Promoters / Partners
  • Authorized Signatory
  • Principal Place of Business
  • Additional Place of Business
  • Good and Service
  • Bank Account
  • Verification

All tabs are mandatory to sill, except Additional places of business if your business is located at one location .Check More Information How Many Promoters & Authorized Signatories Can Added? GST

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